Tips to find the perfect wheel and tire packages ?>

Tips to find the perfect wheel and tire packages

Fitting custom wheels and tires to your vehicle can boost its aesthetic appeal and give it a whole new look. It will also improve your car’s performance and your driving experience. However, choosing the right wheel and tire package for your vehicle can be quite challenging, considering the limitless choices available. Hence it is good to know a few important things about wheels and tires.

Most people think that wheels and rims are the same thing. Rims are in fact the outermost part of the wheel, supporting the tire and creating an airtight seal. The wheel on the other hand is a metal disc with spokes and bolt patterns, where lug bolts attach it to the vehicle’s hub.
Different vehicles have different wheel and tire diameter sizes, offering you flexibility to tailor wheel size to improve looks and performance. To find the perfect wheel and tire package for your vehicle, it is important that you know the wheel diameter, tire width and tire aspect ratio.
Once you have a rough idea of what wheel and tire package sizing works for your car, it is important to analyze your diving goals. Do you just want to improve the looks of your vehicle or get better acceleration and cornering or a package that provides you with the smoothest driving experience. Based on what you want, you can choose the style of your wheel and tire package.
When browsing for wheel and tire packages, you will come across several technical and sizing terms. For instances, OE refers to Original Equipment. It is the standard size of the wheel and tire package that comes with the vehicle from the factory. Plus sizing is when you increase the wheel diameter and minus sizing is when you buy a smaller wheel. Plus 1 sizing is when you increase the wheel diameter by an inch whereas minus 2 sizing is when you reduce the wheels by two inches.
You also need to look at the offset and backspacing when you are purchasing a new wheel and tire package. This is to ensure that the new package fits perfectly to your vehicle and does not interfere with the braking components and suspension and your car remains stable around corners or when braking.
Talk with a professional before choosing a wheel and tire package to ensure that it is the best fit for your car and is worth the spend.
Some tire stores can also put your car on a lift and fit two different combinations of wheels and tires at the same time. You can then pick your favorite and roll with it.