How to pick the perfect email service provider ?>

How to pick the perfect email service provider

One must remember that no matter how old they are, emails are 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than any social networking site, according to a study. Before jumping to conclusions with your email provider, consider how email marketing fits into your job welfare “ is it necessary or not? Try answering questions such as on what your goals for email marketing are going to be and how are you going to go about achieving it? Making use of the newsletters and lead gen are very important when it comes to communicating with your customers. It is one of the best business solutions in acquiring customers and keeping in touch with you old customers updating them with your executions.

Must have all the features you need
You must sketch out all the features you will need that are user-friendly, and once you prioritize it is easy to evaluate your potential contributor. A good email service provider should have the key components that help you create a simple and elegant email with a range of designs, flexible layouts and mobile friendly templates that look brilliant on any device. Ensure your email service provider (ESP) supplies a consolidated dashboard with all the statistics of ratings, clicks, bounces, subscribers and social sharing.

Payment plan
Sometimes in marketing, a good email is just not enough you will need effective campaigns and analytics with a reasonable budget in place. You may be charged on a monthly plan considering the number of emails you send, some will have limitations on the number of emails you send per month. If you are not ready to make monthly payments you can also look for providers with pay as you go plan where you can pay only for what you use. Your provider is classified into the choice of low medium and enterprise level, choosing the right one will keep your costs at low and returns at high.

Consider delivery rates
Check for an ESP that makes sure you are inclined to a high delivery rate of 90% and above. Delivery rate is nothing but the number of emails successfully delivered to your customers. Your providers must possess certain tools that ensure that your emails have landed in the inbox. These tools are accreditation and authentication tools that verify the sender’s identity and sends signals to the internet filter that you are the real person sending the admissible emails and tells the customer that your emails are no spam. Know what emails you send to what people at what time. If you send emails when they least expect or send something irrelevant there are chances for your emails to be marked as spam or blocked.