Different ways to do reverse cell phone lookup ?>

Different ways to do reverse cell phone lookup

There are times when you receive a call from an unknown number and ignore the call thinking it’s spam. There’s a certain urge to find out who this person is and where he/she is calling from even though this data might add little or no value to your everyday life. But sometimes, repeated spam offenders can be very annoying, and it can also be a case of stalking which is a serious legal offense. There are different ways to find out where this number might have originated from and one such method is ‘reverse cell phone lookup.’

Reverse cell phone lookup is a simple method of tracking a phone number by typing that particular phone number in a search engine online or a search directory to find out the listing that comes back with the data associated with the caller. These days, with the advancements in the digital world, there are various ways to reverse cell phone lookup online such as the following

  • Using Social Media Platforms
    This is one of the best ways to find out information on a cell phone number. You can add the number to your WhatsApp database and look for the first and last name of the person through this app. Certain users also leave their display photos visible publicly, so you can scan a person through this photo. Nowadays, Instagram and Facebook give you the option of adding ‘friends’ on your list through their contact numbers which is another way of looking up a phone number on social networking sites.
  • Using Apps on Your Smart Phone
    The best app to trace a phone number is Truecaller. This app is free for download on both Android and iOS. The app is very accurate with sourcing out information on the location of the cell phone number as well as if it is a spam call or not. If a lot of users have reported a number as spam, on receiving a call from that number, a spam alert pops up on your smartphone screen.
  • Using Google Search
    Google search is another accurate way of reverse cell phone lookup to find information on the cell phone number and where it is originating from. You can enter the cell phone number in the Google search bar with quotations, and an entire search opens up. You need to rummage through the data for the first 1-3 pages to find the right information.
  • Look Up Online Directories
    This is a rather old-fashioned way, but it is quite accurate considering you will be doing this online. You can look up the number in online government telephone directories, yellow pages or college/company employee information lists.



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