Clever tupperware storage solutions ?>

Clever tupperware storage solutions

Tupperware is a brand who delivers high-quality food storage containers in different shapes, colors and sizes, making it an extremely handy item in kitchen storage. It is also very convenient to wash and dry. Tupperware containers are also great to look at when displayed well and are also easy to pick and choose from. What is hard is organizing these containers properly, because keeping them arranged properly and not dumping them is indeed an art. Listed below are a few easy solutions to organize Tupperware containers properly and according to one’s use in the kitchen racks:

  • Firstly, gather all those Tupperware containers (old unused ones) and put all of them together and declutter by removing the cracked containers or containers that don’t have lids or those that are very old and need replacement. This helps you to reorganize the whole space and start using only the good quality containers.
  • Rather than dumping Tupperware containers inside the cabinet drawers, get the cabinets and shelves divided for each purpose by installing racks inside the cabinet drawers or using acrylic drawer organizers. For example, one space can be used for spices, the second one can be used for dry fruits, a third can be used for dry snacks, etc.
  • If there are unused, good quality containers, don’t just throw them inside the cabinets. Rather, keep them all arranged inside a rectangular box, keeping the containers overlapped and the caps arranged side wise separately. This helps save huge spaces and also leaves it looking neat.
  • If you have a desk in the dining room, you can organize each family member’s medication inside different sized and colored Tupperware containers. This would be an easy way to remember where medicines are kept and which medicines belong to whom, thereby allowing people to administer and take them on time. If you’re able to get a color theme, then the same containers and shelves can also be used for first aid kits and accessories.
  • Another way to use Tupperware containers is to store the leftover food inside the refrigerator, as they promise to be made of high-end quality plastic with an air tight lid. The food would be as fresh as how it was before.
  • If you find your used Tupperware container paling in color, then you can start using the containers for home-growing small plants, flowers and veggies and making your own kitchen garden.